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Why buy a home?

What Homeowners Have to Say About the Benefits of Owning a Home.
June is National Homeownership Month, so we’re celebrating all the wonderful things that come with being a homeowner! There’s a lot of information out there that explains the benefits of buying a home — but don’t just take it from the experts. We wanted you to hear from real-life homeowners about the perks of owning, so we surveyed nearly 80 homeowners across the country. Here’s what they have to say about the benefits of owning a home.
Why did you choose to buy a home?
“[It’s] part of the American Dream — the ability to make decisions about my home without the need for prior approval from a landlord. ‘Make it ours.’” — Vicki, Saginaw, MI
“Made more financial sense to own versus rent.” — Shmuel, River Edge, NJ
“Rent felt like a waste of money. With a home you gain equity over time. It’s an investment.” — Dustin, Pocatello, ID
What is your favorite memory in your current home?
“The day we started our first ‘remodel’ project. Being able to take our own vision and see it progress is a great feeling.” — Alyssa, Ottawa, IL
“Waking up in my own house the day after I moved in.” — Anonymous, Baltimore, MD
“The holidays. We have so many great memories of our first Christmas. Getting to decorate the outside with lights and decorations and having the indoor area for the tree and stockings.” — Jennie, St. Louis, MO
How does being a homeowner benefit you financially?
“The main benefit is that the money we’re paying in mortgage, plus our equity, will be given back to us when we sell. It’s practically a guaranteed savings account.” — Terri, Downers Grove, IL
“I started with a $99k home and have renovated and improved my way up to a $600k home.” — Glynis, Sacramento, CA
“15 years ago I bought my first home in an up and coming neighborhood for only $10,000 down. Using the equity that I gained from that home, I’ve since sold and bought a new larger home that is now worth $1.5 million! Being a homeowner has significantly improved my overall net worth!” — Anne, Brooklyn, New York
What do you get from owning that you didn't get from renting?
How does being a homeowner benefit you financially?
“[It has] given me a place of refuge that’s all mine and a place for my family to gather.” — Renee, Gulfport, MS
“Owning a home has surprisingly made me more financially responsible and more stable.” — Marissa, Sacramento, CA
“It keeps me emotionally grounded and connected to a place.” — Anonymous, Spokane, WA

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Happy National Homeownership Month! If you’re ready to learn more about the benefits of owning and whether it’s right for you, contact me today!

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