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Marketing to Millennials

I’m going to right up front with you, I am a traditional man and I do not like change very much. We all have our own way of doing business and some of us are a little better with technology than others. I am better at technology these days but not as good as most.

But in order to keep pace with these youngsters today and to ensure you capture some of this market one must think like a Millennial. …Well, forget about that… I can adapt but I still cannot embrace having a texting conversation with someone. I still prefer a conversation in person or on the phone.

But apparently texting is the preferred method of communication for Millennials. Not email and not talking, but texting. Who are these people? And will they eventually stop talking directly to each other altogether?

But we must adapt if we are to stay in business, we can’t just work with people our own age. Of course, if you are a Millennial just delete this email because you’ll be fine.

I have been sort of training with our marketing person and I am learning more about Facebook and blogging – digital marketing they call it. So I now have a business Facebook page that I am just getting set up. You see, I can change, even at my advanced age. I also have the online application option on my email signature for your buyers who prefer to fill out a loan application online rather than speak with someone. All they have to do is click on the button on my web page which can be accessed below.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago we now have the Click n’ Close™ loan program which is an accelerated process to close a loan within two weeks. Not all buyers will qualify for this program but conventional buyers with 20% down will qualify.

I will be asking some of you to “Like” my Facebook page as I am told this will boost my exposure.

Meetings Are Still Preferred

But just so you understand I still believe in face-to-face meetings and speaking with people in person or on the phone when qualifying someone. Sometimes when I ask a question of a borrower, the answer leads to another question. This process cannot always be completed online and without conversation. So I am a person who is adapting (reluctantly) and I will always try to accommodate every one of your buyers.

I will be available all weekend at 330-603-7400
Have a great weekend!

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